Julie K. McLeod, Ph.D.


The University of North Texas, Denton, TX
Doctor of Philosophy, August 2011
Dissertation Title: Digitally Curious: A Qualitative Case Study of Children's Demonstrations of Curiosity in a Technology-rich Learning Environment (Committee Co-chairs: Cathleen Norris, Lin Lin; Committee member: Scott Warren)
Major: Educational Computing
Cognate: Educational Research


The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
Master of Arts, August 2006
Major: Educational Technology Leadership


Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration May 1989
Major: Accounting




Good Shepherd Episcopal School (2012 to present)
Director of Technology

  • Responsible for all aspects of technology-rich learning including purposeful integration of technology into the learning environment, infrastructure, email and other administrative systems
  • Led creation of Technology Strategic Plan for the school. First time a Technology Strategic Plan was created for the school.
  • Envisioned and justified to Board of Trustees a 1:1 iPad initiative
  • Led the creation of our SPARQ innovation center to use technology to support innovative thinking
  • Collaborated with and hosted in SPARQ the Eagle Scholars, a college-readiness program for grades 6 12 organized by the Vickery Meadows Youth Development Foundation
  • Competitively selected for Stanford University's d.school K12 workshop
  • Designed and led several innovative Professional Learning Communities, including Looking Together at Student Work and a Technology Sandbox
  • Leading the implementation of faculty digital portfolios as a way to enhance reflection and self-assessment
  • Identified and secured external technology-rich professional learning experiences for faculty at no expense to the school
  • Led the redesign and implementation of a new school website, including creating Request for Proposal and vendor selection
  • Provided leadership for technology hardware and software purchases based on pedagogical best practices
  • Significantly updated infrastructure including all switches, wireless access points, and fiber


    The George Washington University (Spring, 2015 & 2012)
Adjunct Professor
  • Teaching EDUC 6402 - Computers in Education and Human Development, a masters level, online course in the Educational Technology Leadership program

Self-Employed  (2004 to Present) 
Freelance Professional Learning Facilitator

  • Planned and facilitated in-service for practicing teachers targeting technology integration for many districts and organizations, including underserved populations in a South Texas high school and in Central Dallas
  • Sample in-service titles:
    • Developing Digital Pedagogistas
    • Constructing Enduring Learning Frameworks for a Constantly Changing Digital World
  • Managed the development of an online prescriptive learning system for the fourth grade math Connecticut Mastery Test
  • Utilized Moodle, the open source Learning Management System for the project
  • Guided and reviewed the work of content developers
  • Created a style guide and user profiles for the development team
  • Designed and authored four online undergraduate courses, including learner's expected competencies, discussion questions, assignments, weekly lecture notes and facilitator notes
  • Awarded a second course assignment by the client prior to completing the first assignment; other courses awarded on a separate phase several months later
  • Tutored teachers taking the Technology Applications state certification examination
  • Created instructional material to accompany a client's seminar 



Texas A&M-Commerce (Fall, 2012 to Spring, 2013)
Adjunct Professor

  • Teach graduate level technology integration courses


    Allen Independent School District, Allen, TX (2004 to 2012)
Teacher, Technology Partner and Substitute Teacher
  • 6th grade math teacher, Title I School
  • Student work:
    • Junk Box Creations - Designing our way to mathematical meaning
    • Mathematical Mime - Students give mathematical voice to the mime's actions
    • Math Out Loud - The world's first and only podcasted math dictionary created by sixth grade students
    • Mathcasts - Students digitally documenting their thinking as they solve math problems
    • Math ARG - A blog that documents the process as students designed the 1 Destination Alternate Reality Game
    • 1 Destination - Alternate Reality Game created by sixth grade students as a culminating creative project for the year
  • Proposed and justified 1-to-1 tablet initiative to allow Title I students to take home and use technology to prepare for and continue classroom learning
  • Proposed 1-to-1 laptop to student classroom, justified use of technology and was awarded classroom set of laptops for exclusive use
  • Use data with students in innovative ways to allow for deep reflection of progress througout the year
  • Campus Design Team Member
  • District Technology Committee Member
  • Piloted and integrated the Technology Applications TEKS into the subject area TEKS
    • Includes many traditional and novel technologies
    • Considered an important district-wide pilot program to demonstrate compliance with the Technology TEKS
  • Advanced other important technology projects, including:
    • Taught the Logo programming language to first through fourth graders, including all aspects of planning, designing and implementing the instruction
    • Integrated simulation software, wikis, digital portfolios, webquests, and more into subject area standards
  • Taught at all levels of elementary school
  • Very sought after substitute, with many repeat requests


The University of North Texas (2006 to Present)
Adjunct Professor

  • Teach graduate level technology integration courses
    Graduate Fellow/Researcher  
  • Assisted on the  International Handbook of Information Technology in Education  with Drs. Gerald Knezek (UNT) and Joke Voogt (University of Twente, The Netherlands
    • Critically read and evaluated chapters, adding references where necessary
    • Created and defined the glossary of terms for the handbook
    • Reviewed and corrected citations according to APA standards
  • Participated in Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) research with Dr. Scott Warren
    • Conducted interviews of students involved in experimental treatment course
    • With team, performed critical ethnographic research on interview and email transcripts
  • Supporting instructors and students in CECS 4100 - Computers in the Classroom
    • Curricular support and alignment
    • Introduction of new, emerging technologies to the course
    • Administration of course management system
    • Portfolio implementation across sections

Publications and Presentations  

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    IGI-Global Publishers, 2011  
  • Chapter reviewer for Didactic Strategies and Technologies for Education: Incorporating Advancements
    American Educational Research Association, Washington, DC  
  • Reviewer/rater for submitted papers to the 2008 AERA Conference
    Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, University of North Texas, Denton, TX  
  • Selection committee member for new Professor
    Best Buy Teach Award  
  • Assisted in completing a successful grant application with Dr. Sheri Vasinda
    Cable in the Classroom, Washington, DC  
  • Reviewer/rater for the 2007 Leaders in Learning Awards
  • Reviewer/rater for the 2006 Leaders in Learning Awards
    Educational Technology Research Symposium, Texas Computer Education Association, Austin, TX  
  • Reviewer/rater for submitted papers to the 2007 Educational Technology Research Symposium
    National Science Foundation, Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement Grant  
  • Team member for a 2007 grant proposal to the National Science Foundation
  Honors, Awards and Certifications  
    Stanford University d.school  
  • Competitively selected to participate in the d.school's K12 design thinking workshop, Summer 2014
    HP Catalyst Academy  
  • Fellow/Grant recipient, Competitively selected for worldwide grant to create online mini-courses for teachers

Allen Independent School District, Allen, TX

  • Bright Idea Award - Mathcasts
  • Bell Ringer Award - Math Out Loud
  • Campus Rookie of the Year
  • Model Classroom
  • Mathcast grant awarded by Foundation for Allen Schools
  • Mobile Learning grant awarded by Foundation for Allen Schools with matching funds by campus administration

2007 Best Poster Award, Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education conference.

    National Summer Data Policy Instititue, Association for Institutional Research  
    Certified in Leadership Training, University of North Texas  
  • Sponsored by the Associate Vice President for Student Development, April 2007
    Texas Computer Education Association  
  • 2007 Richard A. Brown Memorial Scholarship for Students
    Toulouse School of Graduate Studies, University of North Texas  
  • 2006 - 2007 Doctoral Fellowship
    Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation, Nationally competitive, merit-based scholarships  
  • 2007 Theta Charity Antiques Show of Houston Alumnae Foundation Scholarship
  • 2006 Katherine Sharpless Coyle Graduate Scholarship
  • 2005 Marilyn Chesher Lynch Scholarship
    American Association of University Women, Collin County Branch  
  • 2007 Judy Jones Memorial Scholarship
  • 2006 Judy Jones Memorial Scholarship
    Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, member

    Certified Public Accountant, State of Oklahoma

    Banc One Corporation  
  • 1994 Client Service Award
  Activities and Professional Associations  
    Educational Computing Doctoral Student Group, University of North Texas  
  • Faculty liason
    Educational Technology Leadership Student Organization, George Washington University  
  • President, 2005 - 2006 school year
  • Vice President, Communications, 2004 - 2005 school year
  Other Experience  

Jevin, Inc., Allen, TX (2002 to 2005)

  • Managed and maintained general ledger, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Established, documented and implemented corporate accounting procedures for start up
  • Researched accounting issues
  • Researched and managed employee benefits
  • Prepared and filed quarterly tax documents

Financial Network Investment Corporation, Dallas, TX (1997 to 2002)
Financial Consultant/Independent Contractor

  • Provided a wide range of financial services to clients including:
  • Investment education and advice
  • Historical financial statement preparation and analysis
  • Future financial projections
  • Bookkeeping for individuals and businesses

TwinStar Semiconductor, Inc., Richardson, TX (1995 to 1997)

  • Managed general ledger, fixed assets, payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable functions for company
  • Created management reporting package and analytical analysis of the financial statements
  • Reduced the close cycle by 50%
  • Created complete projected financial statement package for the Board of Directors, including seven years of future estimations
  • Lead the installation of Oracle General Ledger and Accounts Payable
  • Lead the Business Process Team in developing new processes throughout the company

Banc One Corporation, Dallas, TX (1991 to 1995)
Audit Supervisor

  • Performed audits of cash management, investments, foreign exchange, and automated teller machines (ATM's)
  • Accountable for cash management corporate audit approach and projects
  • Coordinated audits and managed multiple projects simultaneously
  • Developed and executed creative approaches to analyzing cash management products for risks and opportunities
  • Three years experience in process flows; considered an expert in process flows and identification of critical exposure points
  • Managed a permanent staff of three with project staffing up to six accountants
  • Executed a project that generated $7 million in revenue for the Texas bank

KPMG Peat Marwick, Tulsa, OK (1989 to 1991)
Senior Accountant

  • Performed audits of primarily financial institutions and health care clients
  • Consolidated financial records into quarterly and annual reports
Other Relevant Activities  

West Plano Presbyterian Church, Plano, TX
Liturgical Coordinator for Children and Youth

  • Coordinate youth involvement in the liturgy
  • Responsible for the nurture and formation of youth in the faith
  • Created an instructional/formational website to help children explore their role in the liturgy more fully
    Member, Search Committees  
  • Nominated and elected to serve on the search committee for the pastor
  • Nominated and elected to serve on the search committee for the Director of Christian Education
    Liason Committee, Custer Parkway Preschool  
  • Support the preschool and coordinated communication between the church and the school
    Treasurer, Board of Directors, Mother’s Day Out  
  • Serve as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of the Mother’s Day Out, a mission of West Plano Presbyterian Church