Developing Digital Pedagogistas

Developing Digital Pedagogistas documents the final reflections after a sustained professional learning experience that Dr. Sheri Vasinda and I jointly designed for Rountree Elementary School in Allen, Texas. Instead of one day or even a few hours with a group of teachers, we structured thinking and learning that took place regularly throughout the school year. We named the professional learning Developing Digital Pedagogistas as we wanted to emphasize that our learning was less about the tools and more about matching the type of pedagogies that foster deep learning with the appropriate digital tools. We call these purposeful matches and believe that, when done well, they create a qualitatively different learning environment than without technology. To structure the reflection, we used a framework that had permeated our conversations, the TPACK model . We also used a protocol of reflective questions that we have found encourages ongoing deep thinking. Finally, we shared the work online, creating a worldwide audience and increasing the importance of the work for the teachers and administrators.

This work illuminates my educational philosophy statement because learners are creating to learn. They are also sharing their knowledge. This work is successful because it uncovers learners' thinking which allows facilitators to understand and possibly modify future learning experiences. Without a test of any kind, I know from listening to the reflections that several learners are at very advanced levels of thinking about technology-rich learning while other leaners are still considering how to evolve their practice.

This article helped us to understand that a sustained effort for professional learning truly makes learning deep and lasting. Since this time, I have worked with other schools and convinced them to also create a sustained effort for professional learning.